Queensland’s Bowen Basin hosts the biggest coal industry in the world, and the biggest pipeline of renewable energy power stations in the world. By transitioning one into the other, Australia can deliver a monster benefit to our economy, our community, and our climate. Win-win-win. How to maximise the value add? Do it now.

This Report delivers a comprehensive plan for this transition; justly to minimise job disruption, and to maximise the community benefit – economic and social.

Map of central Queensland showing the 46 coalmines and 4 coal-fired power stations of the Bowen Basin, and the renewable pipeline of 68 operating, planned or funded renewable power stations plus 8 battery metal projects also planned and most funded. The net operating jobs are 6720 coal jobs lost and 5545 renewable jobs gained.

The Just Transition Plan will establish the Bowen Basin Transition Authority (BBTA) to manage this inventory of jobs lost and jobs gained, by honest-brokering the employing stakeholders, and simultaneously drawing together the community stakeholders into an ongoing collaboration of all parties.

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